Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Reading task part 2: Term 4 week 8

This is my Reading task that I just finished at 10:44 am 08/12/2015
hope you enjoy reading this...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cardboard expedition

Cardboard expedition…
Yesterday on the 24th of November 2015 it was a loving morning (10:53), and the year 8’s just got back from tech, Mrs Tele’a was just telling us about the cardboard expedition that the year 8’s would be doing after morning tea.

But when the bell did ring!! all of the year 8’s rushed straight to the street waiting… when Mr clarke and Mrs Tele’a kindly asked us to sit in our Te reo maori group that miss Tito take’s when the year 7’s go to tech. But obviously group rua was the most organised group that why we got to go first for the cardboard expedition. So the rest of the groups went back to their maths classes doing maths while we got to have the fun, we were so excited and ready.

Mrs Tele’a asked the us girls to grab ourselves a cardboard expedition, then we looked through the cardboard that looks like goggles and it said ‘‘Paused by teacher’’ Mrs Tele’a explain some instructions and information about the cardboard expedition to us about being very careful with those devices, and we could understand how expensive and how delicate the electronics were. It was an awesome experience for us
because there were so much places that we went to and it actually felt like that we were there, but we weren’t but I wish that I was.
And I don’t really remember what the places were called but I know that we went to france at this royal house, it looked awesome inside we were in this man’s room the bed looked really small, we also went through a universal space experience. But I still enjoyed the whole expedition it was fun...

Monday, 19 October 2015

The History of super-man!!!

Here is the most awesomeness presentation that is about superman's history that me and Rowana
created for everyone....
I hope you all enjoy this..... :-)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Word problems T4W1

Here is my amazing maths presentation that I think you's might get, maybe you's should try
it but don't copy my answers please... etc
This presentation also as a mixture of ( +, -, x, /) hope you enjoy...

The secret underground.

Here is my fantastic and colourful reading task that I finished yesterday on the
14/11/15 this is all about animals and insects, also it's about how lots of insects and animals live underground and adapt to their own habitat, it also explains what the difference between weta's that live underground and weta's that live on surface and ground... etc

here is the link to the story hope you enjoy reading cause I know I do...
The secret underground (story)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion assembly

The Immersion Assembly.

During this morning in T4 W1 12/11/2015 we had an Immersion assembly, It was quite interesting for me and maybe for others as well. Our school topic is about survival and adaptation, we are mainly learning about adapting in different countries by learning their way of their nationality… we are also learning about how dinosaurs adapted in their habitats, but not much of them did ‘so I heard’.

But there was this extremely funny and unusual film that was created by Mr Burt and some of the Pt England student from team 5 that helped create that film, 3 of the actors that I noticed was Ana Vaafusuanga, Jalen Watene, and also Jordan Samuels, the film was mainly about the Fiapoko parrot, and how the bird was very disturbing to others at Pt Dingaling, Mr Burt was a very funny actor in the film.

Team 1: Are actually going to the Auckland zoo to learn lots of interesting and intelligent things about the animals and what they can do to adapt with human beings and all the animals around them…

Team 2: Are studying about different sorts of dinosaurs and how they survived and adapted on earth, so team 2 could be really busy this term.

Team 3: Are going to be creative and create their own cool looking dinosaurs, so far all team 3 teachers have already created their own dinosaurs we will soon know what kind of dinosaurs that the kids will create with their creative minds and what amazing idea’s they have…

Team 4: Are experimenting on animals and insects about where their habitat is and how they adapt to other animals and insects.

Team 5: Are learning how people adapt to other people nationality or culture.

After that Mr Jacobson showed us a 10 to 15 minute part of a movie I was very familiar with, and it was about how this man on that short movie can out wit, out smart, out last to challenges that challenge’s as he rescue ‘s this young beautiful woman from this other man that kidnapped her. the short part of the movie was very interesting.

After all of the team teachers told us about what they are going to do for this term topic which was survival Mrs Burt and Mr Burt pulled out of a light brown plastic bag was 10 names on 10 white rectangular paper, each person got given a free hoyts pass to see any movie they wanted to see at the cinema at sylvia park.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

My fundraise for my dance

kia ora koutou me, my twin sister Tyli, and Taamai, T.A (Te Aumihi),
are having a fundraiser for our dance club called sample foundation, we are selling

  • cookies
  • (Maybe) puddings
  • (Maybe) cupcakes
  • one slice of a cake.
And maybe something else.
Image result for cookies
Image result for chocolate cake
please come get some delicious goodies...
please comment yes and I will tell you where we are having...

Friday, 18 September 2015

My sudoku

Kia ora for maths - as you can see my sudoku I have random numbers in each box and each column/
row, but they ain't just any random numbers it goes from 1-9 from in the boxes and across in a row and down in a column, and you can see that its not finish and their are a few missing numbers please help me and try and figure it out, and the sudoku is really really hard, maybe you should try it yourself remember to make a copy before you start HERE IS THE LINK TO THE SUDOKU. If you don't want to do it create one yourself or get one of your friends to create one for you so you can answer it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber Smart Goal- Google drawings

Here is my way into reflecting my cyber smart way on this Google drawing
That miss Kyla created for us.

My Racing story.



Before I start to walk toward the starting position I took a big gulp of water. I then start to walk calmly to the cold and hard track, while my heart pounds like a hippo stomping on the ground. I could see that all the other competitors were giving an evil glare to each other as I try to control all these emotions I have. They were walking like sculpture’s, Their concentration was to get that first place reward, They all had no expression on their faces, I felt scared and worried.The crowd was roaring like lions calling out names I’ve never heard before, and they were so focused on who is going to win?. It’s mystery to all of us. We were all steady and calm on the track, The quality was becoming more intimidating, I slowly walk to my starting position, I could sense that a lot of these women would probably do anything to win that gold medal.

BOOM!! the gun blew out a loud yet big shrieking sequel to my ears, indicating the start of the quest that will yet be finished, We all zoomed straight pass the first metre, I start running at a steady paste, then suddenly everyone ahead of me began to slow down, but it was enough for me to pass them, finally I'm coming second but I didn’t give up just yet, I start to burst my way up but she was to fast, my legs we so tired my heart was racing and pounding like a hurricane, my breathing went out of control I was about to stop but “no” I didn’t “ I’M NOT GONNA STOP!!” I said.

I started focusing on my breathing, as I did, I was on  fire I Zoom all the way to the finish line and I CAME FIRST!! I threw my hand in the air waving at my family saying “I WON” over and over again I got the gold medal, I never knew that I would win It was amazing I nearly cried like a baby. I was dancing with delight in an enchanting way, I was filled with glory and joy to my heart, it was an awesome day for me.

I hope you enjoy this story but don't worry it's a fake story, but hope you enjoy it.

Thank you if you do!!!!!

Friday, 11 September 2015

My reading presentation- Boost!!

Hello here I have with me my great presentation, this presentation is
mainly about putting Adjective's/similes in a sentences that is similar to the

Apologies but I do not have the story up there so you can search for for it if
you want and read it.

WALT: Identify the language feature in the text.

Charities presentation!!!

Kia ora as you can see my awesome presentation that I created with my friend Katalina
we put a lot of thought and concentration on this presentation and I hope you enjoy it
Thank you!!.

WALT: Discuss what it means to share.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Staying Smart with Mobile phones

Today Miss Kyla asked us to write 3 things I can do to stay smart on a mobile phone here is a list right above that I wrote about 3 thing to be safe on mobile phone.
Maybe you should try it and post one just like this one hope you enjoyed reading my awesome Staying smart with mobile phone's!!.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My time word problems presentation!!

Here with me I have my time word problem, this word problem is all about telling what time did this
person leave or what time did this person get here, and all I need to do is do addition, subtract, and maybe a bit of multiplication for me it took quite a while to finish this presentation but I took my time.

Here is some question a would like to give you. Click here if you won't to solve my word problems!!!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Bang on time!!

Today my teacher Miss Peato organised a game called bang on time on our school website Here is the link to our maths website and find the word bang on time in term 3 week 7 to play the game if you know don't know what sort of game it is please click to find out, And as you can see that my score is 9500 I thought that I would to better but I did great.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Concept circle!! :-)

This concept circle is about choosing 4 key words from this story The breakaway
and them you write 2 or 3 sentences into your own words by not copying the story.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spend, Share, Save Presentation

This presentation is mainly all about saving for important activities or family things. Its also about needing and wanting for special occasions or trip for school that come up. Please take a bit of advise from this presentation and take it seriously on your spending and then save up so you or your parents and whanau (Family) want worry about bills to pay.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Book Review presentation: Dark knights and dingy castles.

Sorry but the story isn't up here to find the story just search for it Google
hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my presentation.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Smart FootPrint T3w2 Elizabeth & Chelsea

Kia ora me and my friend Elizabeth Glassie created and designed an infographic using Google drawings about private and public information online for the world to understand how careful you have to be online, But this Google drawings is just about how much private things you could put online, Be Smart on what you put online... Be careful

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Inferring Presentation

This presentation is about inferring slide 1 will explain what inferring means
Hope you enjoy!!!( ;

Monday, 22 June 2015

Katalina and Chelsea's volume word problems

My Volume Presentation

Today on the 22 of June 2015 week 10 me and my class were working on this presentation if you
don't get I'll explain this is what you do you times the length x width x height...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Graphics organizer

This graphics organizer is me recording my idea's on what happened Before, During, and After in the this story called Boy on bike.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Group Dynamics- Question 5

the is what we did in miss Peato's class for maths.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Letter to Eric Henry and Jimmy O'Dwyer

NAME: Chelsea_________________
ADDRESS: 25 concord rd_____________
POSTCODE: 1564____________________

ConDATE: 11/05/2015

Dear Eric Henry, and Jimmy O'Dwyer

Dear fellow soldiers thank you for representing New Zealand and your own country’s as well, I thought that was very inspiring that you would risk  giving the blame to your younger relative so they wouldn't get injured during war. It takes courage and gault to send your own sibling apart from you’s. Was it hard trying to get your younger siblings to safety in war?

Jimmy O'Dwyer… I thought that was very stupid of you for shooting your own leg just to blame your brother to get him and you out of war, that’s very clever and very brave of you to shoot yourself it must of been very painful. Eric Henry that's very brave of you to stay in war and accomplish to what you are doing in war to keep New Zealand and your own country safe.

Conclusion: For my last paragraph I want to thank yous again for  your bravery, Strength, and courage I hope that your lives and family are very happy for what yous accomplished and achieved through the past few year in war, thank yous so so much, I wish yous farewell.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zeal zone deliciouse Anzac biscuits

Every Friday we have zeal zone and for zeal zone we have 5 groups of activities
1.)Mr Wiseman does music
2.)Miss Clark and Miss Tito do art
3.)Mrs Moala geography
4.) Miss Peato does sports and fitness
5.) Mrs Tele'a does cooking

Today on the 8 of May 2015 we went to Mrs Tele'a to make delicious Anzac biscuits I hoping that the biscuits taste yummy. I really enjoyed my self cooking we friends is fun every one should try make these biscuits.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chelsea's maths problem

In Kiwisports this term we are learning how to play basketball. so far, we have learn’t how to dribble the ball

  • Chelsea was able to dribble the ball 58 times
  • Elizabeth could only dribble half that amount.
     58 divided by 2 = 29
  • Semi could dribble the ball 7 times more than Chelsea.
    58 x 7=406
    58 x 4= 232
    58 x 3= 174 +
  • Izac could dribble the ball 3 times more than Elizabeth.
    29 x 3= 87
    20 x 3= 60
    9 x 3= 27
  • How many times can each person dribble the ball?

Writing: The letter to William.

Dear William
I got your letter you sent me and I hope that you recover quickly. I pray to you and James and bob for your safety . well a few days and I've missed you very much, the kids are fine and healthy eating plenty of food so has Bella, I feel so sad about what happened to you when a bullet went through your neck and out your ear And that your result is affecting you jaw  , and that's good to hear that you’re safe and cared for.

I wish that you would of been a little more careful than usual remember to take your time for when you go back to France from England your injury might take it time to fully recover and don’t rush.

I hope you get better very soon and the kids said hi and they love you very much.

well I will now conclude my love and alofa to you, James and bob wishing you all the best, we will see you soon at samoa said hi. Love Louis stowers, Bella and the kids... 

This letter is about William, James and bob. I am pretending to be Louis stowers into when Louis received a letter the William wrote so I'm responding back to him by pretending to be his brother Louis.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Underground +soldiers activity

This is my presentation the I created for my reading activity it is about underground tunnels and battle places etc...

Tamaki college event

On Tuesday the 28th of April we had a event at Tamaki college to experience college or high school life, the year 8’s from pt england school were able to find out information about high school or college they also have interesting activities that I enjoyed. The very first activities were Science, pe, English (writing,reading), Maths, And social studies.

But all of the Year 8’s from different schools were also there, we were all divided into different groups such as kowhai, puriri, Rata, and Totara I was in Totara. Our first class we had science and the science teacher was ms borland, also for our English teacher was ? (unknown name) etc…

My Top 3 activities were PE because the teacher we had played this really cool and exciting sports game, but I didn’t remember his name his name. My second favourite activity was science because we got to make ice cream with ms borland, my last but not least was social studies the reason why I choose that was because we did Te roa and we got to do our own whakapapa and pepeha it’s sort of like a mihi but I didn’t know my one so I had to use Tamaki college one and for our morning tea tamaki college gave us a drink and chocolate yogurt and for lunch time we had a big sandwiches, an apple, a drink, a muesli bar, and string and it was awesome.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hope symbol (For Anzac)

Today on the 24 of April 2015 for zeal I created a symbol for all the soldiers and others that died during war. This represents them from sacrificing there lives so they could protect our countries and cities this is to give them hope even though they are in heaven resting.

Monday, 23 March 2015

What I liked at the polyfest

What I liked at the Polyfest.

On a bright and shiny day on a thursday but this day wasn't an ordinary day it was a polyfest week the but the polyfest only lasted for 3 days it started on a thursday and ended on a Saturday in week 7.

But when we went to go explore the polyfest with our class at one of the station me and my class visited a station called flava they were awesome and energetic, as soon as we got at their station they introduced themselves telling us their names but for the past few days a suddenly forgot their names. At first on of the host ask as to silently move ourselves into a group of 5 students for a group photo but I didn’t know until then that I wasn't aloud to pull the peace sign when the flava company set that we were aloud to but obviously it for the school or something like that.

We enjoyed lots of things at flava we played donkey and pig which is a game with a ball so if you drop the ball you get a d for donkey or a p for pig and if you do a dumb throw you get either a do for donkey or a pi for pig and once you've got the letters for those 2 words then we would have to act those animals. But at flava we played other activities and they gave us our pictures they took or us