Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sketch note - Olympics

This Photo above is a sketch note about the Olympic value's which is Friendship, excellence, and respect, each drawing represents those value's. The eye and the Maori Olympic rings stand for the New Zealand athletes competing in the Olympic games right now!!, The bright, yellow star, and the steps also the ladder stand for excellence, The eyebrow stand for friendship, and the hands joined together means respect each value are very important in the Olympics and I reckon that those value's are also important at my school, Here is a question I would like to ask this question is for anyone to answer. Is winning the most important thing in the Olympics?... comment yes or no for the question

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Reading task part 2: Term 4 week 8

This is my Reading task that I just finished at 10:44 am 08/12/2015
hope you enjoy reading this...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cardboard expedition

Cardboard expedition…
Yesterday on the 24th of November 2015 it was a loving morning (10:53), and the year 8’s just got back from tech, Mrs Tele’a was just telling us about the cardboard expedition that the year 8’s would be doing after morning tea.

But when the bell did ring!! all of the year 8’s rushed straight to the street waiting… when Mr clarke and Mrs Tele’a kindly asked us to sit in our Te reo maori group that miss Tito take’s when the year 7’s go to tech. But obviously group rua was the most organised group that why we got to go first for the cardboard expedition. So the rest of the groups went back to their maths classes doing maths while we got to have the fun, we were so excited and ready.

Mrs Tele’a asked the us girls to grab ourselves a cardboard expedition, then we looked through the cardboard that looks like goggles and it said ‘‘Paused by teacher’’ Mrs Tele’a explain some instructions and information about the cardboard expedition to us about being very careful with those devices, and we could understand how expensive and how delicate the electronics were. It was an awesome experience for us
because there were so much places that we went to and it actually felt like that we were there, but we weren’t but I wish that I was.
And I don’t really remember what the places were called but I know that we went to france at this royal house, it looked awesome inside we were in this man’s room the bed looked really small, we also went through a universal space experience. But I still enjoyed the whole expedition it was fun...

Monday, 19 October 2015

The History of super-man!!!

Here is the most awesomeness presentation that is about superman's history that me and Rowana
created for everyone....
I hope you all enjoy this..... :-)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Word problems T4W1

Here is my amazing maths presentation that I think you's might get, maybe you's should try
it but don't copy my answers please... etc
This presentation also as a mixture of ( +, -, x, /) hope you enjoy...

The secret underground.

Here is my fantastic and colourful reading task that I finished yesterday on the
14/11/15 this is all about animals and insects, also it's about how lots of insects and animals live underground and adapt to their own habitat, it also explains what the difference between weta's that live underground and weta's that live on surface and ground... etc

here is the link to the story hope you enjoy reading cause I know I do...
The secret underground (story)