Monday, 23 March 2015

What I liked at the polyfest

What I liked at the Polyfest.

On a bright and shiny day on a thursday but this day wasn't an ordinary day it was a polyfest week the but the polyfest only lasted for 3 days it started on a thursday and ended on a Saturday in week 7.

But when we went to go explore the polyfest with our class at one of the station me and my class visited a station called flava they were awesome and energetic, as soon as we got at their station they introduced themselves telling us their names but for the past few days a suddenly forgot their names. At first on of the host ask as to silently move ourselves into a group of 5 students for a group photo but I didn’t know until then that I wasn't aloud to pull the peace sign when the flava company set that we were aloud to but obviously it for the school or something like that.

We enjoyed lots of things at flava we played donkey and pig which is a game with a ball so if you drop the ball you get a d for donkey or a p for pig and if you do a dumb throw you get either a do for donkey or a pi for pig and once you've got the letters for those 2 words then we would have to act those animals. But at flava we played other activities and they gave us our pictures they took or us