Monday, 19 October 2015

The History of super-man!!!

Here is the most awesomeness presentation that is about superman's history that me and Rowana
created for everyone....
I hope you all enjoy this..... :-)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Word problems T4W1

Here is my amazing maths presentation that I think you's might get, maybe you's should try
it but don't copy my answers please... etc
This presentation also as a mixture of ( +, -, x, /) hope you enjoy...

The secret underground.

Here is my fantastic and colourful reading task that I finished yesterday on the
14/11/15 this is all about animals and insects, also it's about how lots of insects and animals live underground and adapt to their own habitat, it also explains what the difference between weta's that live underground and weta's that live on surface and ground... etc

here is the link to the story hope you enjoy reading cause I know I do...
The secret underground (story)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion assembly

The Immersion Assembly.

During this morning in T4 W1 12/11/2015 we had an Immersion assembly, It was quite interesting for me and maybe for others as well. Our school topic is about survival and adaptation, we are mainly learning about adapting in different countries by learning their way of their nationality… we are also learning about how dinosaurs adapted in their habitats, but not much of them did ‘so I heard’.

But there was this extremely funny and unusual film that was created by Mr Burt and some of the Pt England student from team 5 that helped create that film, 3 of the actors that I noticed was Ana Vaafusuanga, Jalen Watene, and also Jordan Samuels, the film was mainly about the Fiapoko parrot, and how the bird was very disturbing to others at Pt Dingaling, Mr Burt was a very funny actor in the film.

Team 1: Are actually going to the Auckland zoo to learn lots of interesting and intelligent things about the animals and what they can do to adapt with human beings and all the animals around them…

Team 2: Are studying about different sorts of dinosaurs and how they survived and adapted on earth, so team 2 could be really busy this term.

Team 3: Are going to be creative and create their own cool looking dinosaurs, so far all team 3 teachers have already created their own dinosaurs we will soon know what kind of dinosaurs that the kids will create with their creative minds and what amazing idea’s they have…

Team 4: Are experimenting on animals and insects about where their habitat is and how they adapt to other animals and insects.

Team 5: Are learning how people adapt to other people nationality or culture.

After that Mr Jacobson showed us a 10 to 15 minute part of a movie I was very familiar with, and it was about how this man on that short movie can out wit, out smart, out last to challenges that challenge’s as he rescue ‘s this young beautiful woman from this other man that kidnapped her. the short part of the movie was very interesting.

After all of the team teachers told us about what they are going to do for this term topic which was survival Mrs Burt and Mr Burt pulled out of a light brown plastic bag was 10 names on 10 white rectangular paper, each person got given a free hoyts pass to see any movie they wanted to see at the cinema at sylvia park.