Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Underground +soldiers activity

This is my presentation the I created for my reading activity it is about underground tunnels and battle places etc...

Tamaki college event

On Tuesday the 28th of April we had a event at Tamaki college to experience college or high school life, the year 8’s from pt england school were able to find out information about high school or college they also have interesting activities that I enjoyed. The very first activities were Science, pe, English (writing,reading), Maths, And social studies.

But all of the Year 8’s from different schools were also there, we were all divided into different groups such as kowhai, puriri, Rata, and Totara I was in Totara. Our first class we had science and the science teacher was ms borland, also for our English teacher was ? (unknown name) etc…

My Top 3 activities were PE because the teacher we had played this really cool and exciting sports game, but I didn’t remember his name his name. My second favourite activity was science because we got to make ice cream with ms borland, my last but not least was social studies the reason why I choose that was because we did Te roa and we got to do our own whakapapa and pepeha it’s sort of like a mihi but I didn’t know my one so I had to use Tamaki college one and for our morning tea tamaki college gave us a drink and chocolate yogurt and for lunch time we had a big sandwiches, an apple, a drink, a muesli bar, and string and it was awesome.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hope symbol (For Anzac)

Today on the 24 of April 2015 for zeal I created a symbol for all the soldiers and others that died during war. This represents them from sacrificing there lives so they could protect our countries and cities this is to give them hope even though they are in heaven resting.