Saturday, 19 September 2015

My fundraise for my dance

kia ora koutou me, my twin sister Tyli, and Taamai, T.A (Te Aumihi),
are having a fundraiser for our dance club called sample foundation, we are selling

  • cookies
  • (Maybe) puddings
  • (Maybe) cupcakes
  • one slice of a cake.
And maybe something else.
Image result for cookies
Image result for chocolate cake
please come get some delicious goodies...
please comment yes and I will tell you where we are having...

Friday, 18 September 2015

My sudoku

Kia ora for maths - as you can see my sudoku I have random numbers in each box and each column/
row, but they ain't just any random numbers it goes from 1-9 from in the boxes and across in a row and down in a column, and you can see that its not finish and their are a few missing numbers please help me and try and figure it out, and the sudoku is really really hard, maybe you should try it yourself remember to make a copy before you start HERE IS THE LINK TO THE SUDOKU. If you don't want to do it create one yourself or get one of your friends to create one for you so you can answer it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber Smart Goal- Google drawings

Here is my way into reflecting my cyber smart way on this Google drawing
That miss Kyla created for us.

My Racing story.



Before I start to walk toward the starting position I took a big gulp of water. I then start to walk calmly to the cold and hard track, while my heart pounds like a hippo stomping on the ground. I could see that all the other competitors were giving an evil glare to each other as I try to control all these emotions I have. They were walking like sculpture’s, Their concentration was to get that first place reward, They all had no expression on their faces, I felt scared and worried.The crowd was roaring like lions calling out names I’ve never heard before, and they were so focused on who is going to win?. It’s mystery to all of us. We were all steady and calm on the track, The quality was becoming more intimidating, I slowly walk to my starting position, I could sense that a lot of these women would probably do anything to win that gold medal.

BOOM!! the gun blew out a loud yet big shrieking sequel to my ears, indicating the start of the quest that will yet be finished, We all zoomed straight pass the first metre, I start running at a steady paste, then suddenly everyone ahead of me began to slow down, but it was enough for me to pass them, finally I'm coming second but I didn’t give up just yet, I start to burst my way up but she was to fast, my legs we so tired my heart was racing and pounding like a hurricane, my breathing went out of control I was about to stop but “no” I didn’t “ I’M NOT GONNA STOP!!” I said.

I started focusing on my breathing, as I did, I was on  fire I Zoom all the way to the finish line and I CAME FIRST!! I threw my hand in the air waving at my family saying “I WON” over and over again I got the gold medal, I never knew that I would win It was amazing I nearly cried like a baby. I was dancing with delight in an enchanting way, I was filled with glory and joy to my heart, it was an awesome day for me.

I hope you enjoy this story but don't worry it's a fake story, but hope you enjoy it.

Thank you if you do!!!!!

Friday, 11 September 2015

My reading presentation- Boost!!

Hello here I have with me my great presentation, this presentation is
mainly about putting Adjective's/similes in a sentences that is similar to the

Apologies but I do not have the story up there so you can search for for it if
you want and read it.

WALT: Identify the language feature in the text.

Charities presentation!!!

Kia ora as you can see my awesome presentation that I created with my friend Katalina
we put a lot of thought and concentration on this presentation and I hope you enjoy it
Thank you!!.

WALT: Discuss what it means to share.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Staying Smart with Mobile phones

Today Miss Kyla asked us to write 3 things I can do to stay smart on a mobile phone here is a list right above that I wrote about 3 thing to be safe on mobile phone.
Maybe you should try it and post one just like this one hope you enjoyed reading my awesome Staying smart with mobile phone's!!.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My time word problems presentation!!

Here with me I have my time word problem, this word problem is all about telling what time did this
person leave or what time did this person get here, and all I need to do is do addition, subtract, and maybe a bit of multiplication for me it took quite a while to finish this presentation but I took my time.

Here is some question a would like to give you. Click here if you won't to solve my word problems!!!